2018 Online Exhibitor Manual & Service Forms

Please note the following:

  • Submission of Order Forms – Please submit the completed order form to the respective contact details indicated within the form. 
  • Advanced Rate Deadlines – You are reminded to submit your orders before the advanced rate deadlines. Last minute orders cannot be guaranteed and will be subjected to a late order surcharge.  
  • Please refer to the Exhibitor Guide for a summarised view of the deadlines. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact exhsupport@itb-asia.com.  




Exhibitors and their appointed agents/ contractors must observe the rules and regulations stated in ITB Asia 2018's Technical Guidelines. Please refer to the Exhibitor Guide for a summarised view of the deadlines.


To assist you with your planning, click below to view the checklist:


Please refer to the tables below to download all exhibitor service forms.

Alternatively, you may download only the mandatory form(s) for your respective booth type here:


Official Freight Forwarder


Schenker Singapore Pte Ltd.

Contact: Ms. Yee Puay Shan / Ms. Cindy Tan
Tel: +65 6245 5352
Fax: +65 6245 5385
Email:  puay-shan.yee@dbschenker.com /

Advanced Rate Deadline by 17 September 2018

DC Version - Freight Instruction Form.pdf

Leads Generation

Ace:Daytons Direct Int'l Pte Ltd

Contact: Lee / Justine
Email:  eleads@miceapps.com

Advanced Rate Deadline by 17 September 2018

DC VERSION S1 - Rental of Lead Scanner & Subscription.pdf

Enterprise Wifi Router

Traveler Wifi

Tel: +65 6652 8470
Email:  contact@traveler-wifi.com

Advanced Rate Deadline by 17 September 2018

Rental Enterprise Wifi Router.pdf






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